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  • What will we be taught in this course?
    You will learn basic warm up, breathing stretches, Surya namaskara, asanas and pranayama during this course. Each of them are designed based on the trimester you are in.
  • What are the pre requisites before starting yoga?
    There is no prior knowledge required for enrolling in our courses as its beginner friendly and well explained. All you need is a yoga mat and a sturdy chair. Having a yoga belt and block would be good too but not compulsory.
  • Is the fee monthly?
    Yes. The course is charged monthly irrespective of the usage. Which means even if you pay and use the access for 1 day and don’t use it again, you will be paying the next month. This is done to ensure you are regular with your practice.
  • Will the amount automatically get debited from my account in the second month?
    No. To make things simpler for you we have kept the option open for you to resubscribe when you want to access again.
  • How do I resubscribe?
    You can go back to the course page and sign up the same way you did the first time.
  • Can I practice yoga in the first trimester?
    Yes. We have taken special care to understand what is needed for you and your baby during the first trimester and designed the course appropriately. The focus during this delicate period is only mild breathing exercises and stretches. It will help you control the nausea and mood swings.
  • Will it harm my baby if I do yoga during pregnancy?
    No! In fact, it’s the contrary. Yoga is very mild and helps you have a pain free, hassle free pregnancy.
  • When can I start Yoga?
    Yoga is very safe to be started in the first trimester itself.
  • What are the circumstances in which I should not practice yoga?
    There are a few high-risk pregnancies in which we don’t recommend you to do asanas. Placenta previa and Short cervix. In these two cases, we advice you to stick to pranayama only until the doctor says you are okay to practice asanas as well.
  • My doctor asked me not to practice yoga.
    n all cases, we always say please follow what your Obstetrician says. However we have worked with many OBGyns who are more than happy to have their patients sign up for yoga. They say it easels their work on the delivery table when the mother co operates well . But we leave the choice to you!
  • I saw a prenatal yoga video on YouTube. Can I practice that?
    We highly recommend that you practice Yoga with a qualified therapist. This is a vulnerable time for you and your baby and it is always ideal to have a well trained therapist to look out for you. We have seen many people make this mistake. You may think you are doing it right but it’s almost always not the case. Only a qualified therapist can assess you. We have experience handling more than 2000 pregnancy classes so far and all our therapists are well trained. As the famous ad line goes, please don’t try this on your own.
  • How long should i be on empty stomach before practicing yoga?
    In pregnancy you are advised to have small and frequent meals, especially in the first trimester to reduce nausea. We recommend that you have a gap of atleast 2 hours from your last meal before starting yoga.
  • Will yoga help reduce sugar levels if i have Gestational diabetes?
    Definitely ! GDM is on the rise now and it is an indication that you could become diabetic in the future. Hence you will need to make sure you are adopting good lifestyle habits. Yoga helps a great deal in cutting down sugars. We have helped many women cut down on their sugar levels naturally through yoga and diet and no medication. The important thing to note is that you need to be regular with yoga and do it sincerely.
  • Will yoga help me get a normal labor?
    Yoga helps improve the chances of normal labor. Although it doesn’t guarantee normal labor. This depends on many factors and hence we cannot guarantee it. There are are many amazing benefits that yoga gives you, for example ache free pregnancy, reduced stress, weight under control etc, and that’s more of a reason why you should practice yoga.
  • I have been told to go for C-section. Should I still practice yoga?
    Yoga provides you with amazing benefits like reduced aches and pains, better posture, weight control, reduces stress, etc. So we would highly recommend you to take it up irrespective of what kind of labor you would have or plan to have.
  • Will yoga help me reduce back pain?
    We pride ourselves on successfully getting rid of that nagging back pain for all the women who have enrolled in our courses. Back pain comes as a result of postural changes and weight gain during pregnancy. Both of these can only be catered by improving the strength of the back muscles. This is where our course comes in!
  • Will yoga help me reduce pelvic area pain?
    Another common thing people experience during pregnancy is pelvic area pain. This happens as a result of the tummy that is big in size pushing against the pelvic area. This pressure causes pain in the area. Gentle stretches help relieve this pain.
  • Will yoga help me reduce cramps in my feet?
    Again one of the common symptoms of the tummy pushing against the pelvic area is cramps in the feet and calf muscles. Gentle stretches help keeping these pesky cramps at bay.
  • I feel short of breath. Will yoga help me?
    The growing tummy pushes against the diaphragm causing no space for the diaphragm to move down as you take a breath. This is experienced as breathlessness. Again, this is one of the most common things nothers face during third trimester. Deep breathing exercises will help cater this problem.
  • Will yoga help me with morning sickness/nausea?
    There’s not a single thing that yoga can’t help with. There are many breathing exercises and kriyas that help one control nausea and the gag reflex. But it has to be strictly practiced with the help of a qualified therapist.
  • Can I start yoga in the 8th month?
    Yes. we would say earlier the better but if you missed all these month, better late than never!
  • Can I opt out of the Assignment feature?
    We don’t recommend that, but yes, you can if you would like to opt out of the assignment feature please contact us directly. But please note that the fee will still be the same.
  • I paid recently but it says I can't access anymore! Help!
    This can happen if you have logged out of your account. Please check if you have signed in. If you have signed in and still not able to access your account, please leave us a message and we will rectify it for you.
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