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Janani 5-in-1 Pregnancy Journal

Certain things should not wait.

Grab your copy now!

About the Book

“Janani – A beautiful transition to motherhood”

is a Brainchild of Dr. Lavanya Kiran and Arpitha Kadubi. 


Why would you want to buy this book?

Pregnancy is a wonderful time in a woman’s life, a completely unique experience. 

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to have a single book where you could get all of your questions answered, store all of your memories, track your progress, save pictures, write your thoughts, and be excited?

Janani Pregnancy Journal just does that for you. 

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Dr. Lavanya answers all of the frequently asked questions of expectant mothers.



Want to learn about yoga, massage, and diet-related information? Don’t worry! We have got you covered.



Did you find it challenging to monitor your progress with regard to yoga, weight gain, and significant dates? Not anymore!



We have designed your memory book in a way that there is enough space for you to stick pictures, write quotes, write letters to the baby, frame all these amazing memories, and keep them forever.



That’s not all. What you will also find in this book are cartoons portraying multiple pregnancy-related scenarios inside the books 

Learn about the Authors behind this book.

Dr. Lavanya Kiran

CONSULTANT – OBG, Reproductive Medicine, Minimal Invasive Surgeon ( Lap-Robotic) Cloud Nine Hospitals, Bangalore


Notable Accolades: 

• FOGSI AWARD winner- for contribution in OBGyn 

• Invited by Taiwan ministry of Exchange program in OBG – 2019.

• She is into Healthcare Innovations and has Patent on Medical devices • Invited by MIT and Harvard University for Medical innovation platforms 

• Received – Dr. Balaghangadharnath swamiji’s Samaj Seva award


Arpitha Kadubi

Arpitha Kadubi is a Yoga Therapist at Narayana Health and the founder of Kadubi Holistic Services Pvt Ltd, An Organization that provides Therapeutic Yoga in a structured platform. She specialises in Yoga for Women’s health., Certified Yoga therapist from S-Vyasa University, Certified Public Accountant (USA). 

Notable Accolades: 

6th place in International Level Yoga Championship organised by the government of Pondicherry, 2008 

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Yoga Accessories
"Hi Arpitha, received the book yesterday. The first look on the book and im like "This is the journal book i wanted to create and cherish forever Although im in my 3rd tri, Im penning up all my pregnancy thoughts before they fade away Im actually a dairy person and this cute personal space with everything super organized and colorful makes me very happy Also, this is super informative every new symptom i googled are listed with proper explanations. Memes and picture gallery are icing on the top. Thank you for the beautiful creational."

Grab your copy now!

You also get 30% off on the Prenatal Yoga course on purchase of the book!

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