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Maternity Yoga with Computer and Mat

Prenatal Yoga

Pregnancy is no doubt a beautiful journey in a woman’s life. Its a period you can enjoy this beautiful miracle of life, growing inside of you. 

Your body undergoes major physical changes during this short period. If you do not prep your body to cater to these changes, it becomes a hard journey rather than a pleasant one.

Yoga during this period helps you prepare for this miracle, Physically, and emotionally.

About this course





A methodical yoga program 


OBGYN recommended protocols


Each trimester has its own distinct importance and priority.


In the first trimester, the focus is mostly on controlling nausea.


The second trimester is a sweet spot and the emphasis is mostly on strengthening.


The third trimester is all about pelvic area flexibility and breathing.  

Why should you choose us?


Experience with Prenatal Yoga for 7+ years


Well-trained and certified therapists


Worked with leading OBYGNs

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Worked with over 2000 mothers and counting

We have taught more than 2,000 patients so far and counting. You can also check out our testimonials section below!

Yoga Studio

How it works


Step 1

Fill up the medical history form


Step 3

Make the payment and enroll with us


Step 2

Choose whichever among the four is suitable for you

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Step 4

Have a beautiful pregnancy journey by adopting yoga into your lifestyle!

Let us know about your medical history

This form helps us understand you better and guide you appropriately. Do fill it out and we will get back to you with the details.


Choose what fits you best:​

Pratice at your pace


Pre-recorded, trimester specific course. Dont worry! we will assess your progress!

Online live classes


For those who like to practice with a qualified Therapist!
Mon-Wed-Fri at 6 PM IST

Offline classes

  • Ittmadu - 6pm

  • Jayanagar

  • Electronic City

I want to thank Arpitha for making almost pain free pregnancy journey. I am blessed with baby girl last week and it's normal delivery. I started practicing yoga from 5th month onwards based on doctor advice. Classes were very easy to understand. It helped me a lot to relax and to prepare my body for labour. Breathing exercises helped to go through contractions and labour pain
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