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Yoga for Diabetes (Agnyaashayam)


Rs. 833


2 months

About the Course

“Agnyaashayam” literally translates to Pancreas.With the modern sedentary Lifestyle, Diabetes has started to manifest earlier. It is estimated that 1 in 3 people in Asia are Diabetic.Thankfully, Diabetes can be reversed, if it has manifested because of reversible components such as lifestyle.Everything about yoga revolves around bringing the body back to its normal state. It is said that good health is the most ormal thing for a body to be in , provided we maintain it that way. Stress, unhealthy habits are something that will get this state out of track and result in conditions that are basically a “communication” that you need to care for it.Yoga has an answer to this and it no longer be something that you worry about constantly.

Agnyaashayam focuses on Practices that are mainly twisting, flexions and asanas that reduce insulin resistance.

Your Instructor

Arpitha Kadubi

Arpitha Kadubi

Started yoga practice in 2007 during her school days and won the 6th place in International level yoga competition, organized by Government of Pondicherry, in 2008. Was awarded Prathibha Puraskara, Karnataka Yoga Siri and Yoga Kala Siri for Artistic yoga performances in 2010. Completed Yoga Instructor Certification in 2014. In 2018, completed CPA (US) only to realize Yoga is her calling. She started teaching in 2012 and has been ever since. Became a Yoga therapist at Narayana Health in 2018 & Trustwell Hospitals in 2020, and has taught many doctors and over 3000 patients. Founded KHSPL to make therapeutic yoga more accessible and flexible for patients and people in general.

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