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Refund Policy

Our Courses listed on the website is valid for a certain definite period. The validity
period is mentioned in the course description and once you are enrolled it is also
mentioned on the course dashboard.


In case of a one time purchase course option the validity of the course will expire after a certain period which is explicitly mentioned on the course description page and also mentioned on the dashboard after the course is purchased. If the Course is not completed within the stipulated time, the user will have to repurchase the program in order to complete it. There will be no refund of the amount after the initial purchase is done.


The courses which are in subscription model will be billed periodically
(monthly/weekly/yearly) which is explicitly mentioned on the course page. The access to the course will be opened only on paying the subscription fee. The user has the option to stop the subscription at any time manually from his/her end. The amount already received by us as subscription fee will not be refunded. The user will be allowed to use the course for the fee paid and the account will lapse after completion of the course period or completion of the course.

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