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Post Natal Yoga 

The first 60 days after delivery, crucial for a mother's health, are seen as a rebirth in Soothika Paricharya. Our program focuses on this period, emphasizing Asana for physical recovery, Pranayama for breathing, Sushanti Meditation for mental peace, and relaxation techniques to ensure the well-being of both mother and child.

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C-section/Normal Vaginal delivery 
No age limit
No prior knowledge in yoga required

Offerings in this Program 

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Post Natal Yoga  

(Until 60 days to delivery)

  • 60 days  

Pre-recorded courses 2

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Personal Coaching 

  • 1 hour 

 ₹ 800

Importance of this Program 

Back Strengthening

  • Importance: Prevents back pain post-C-section due to spinal anesthesia.

  • Action: Begin lower back strengthening exercises from day 11 to aid in daily activities.

Neck Strengthening

  • Context: Extended periods of upright sitting during baby feeding can cause neck pain.

  • Action: Focus on neck strengthening & posture improvement during feeding.

Breathing and relaxation

  • Challenge: Sleep disturbances from the baby waking at night.

  • Benefits: Enhances sleep quality, helps prevent postpartum depression.

  • Action: Incorporate breathing exercises & relaxation techniques into daily routine.

NOTE : Day 1-90 of delivery ( note: for above 3 months, sign up for yoga for women’s health). Please talk to us with your medical history so that we can guide you appropriately.

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