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Janani – a beautiful transition to motherhood (Hardcover book)

Rs. 1199


Janani- A beautiful transition to motherhood is a 5-in-1 book penned by Dr Lavanya Kiran, a senior obstetrician and gynaecologist at Cloud nine hospitals, Bangalore, and Arpitha Kadubi, a Yoga therapist at Narayana Health and Apollo Hospitals, Sheshadripuram bangalore.


  1. Medical information book: All the questions that you may have about pregnancy is answered by Dr. Lavanya.

  2. Other Therapies: All essential therapies like Yoga, Diet, Oil application etc has been covered in detail

  3. Memory Book: All the important dates and thoughts can be framed in the space provided

  4. Trackers and checklists: This book also lets you track weigt, baby movements, blood sugar levels, etc

  5. Comic: Many pregnancy based situations are turned into toons for you to read and relate to!


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