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Yoga for Back Care

With the rise in technology at our fingertips, there’s been an equal and direct rate of increase in back and neck pain. As we all know, bad posture is the main reason for back pain. In this program, we focus on exercises that help you 1) Relieve back pain and 2) Increase the strength in your muscles. 

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Anyone with mechanical neck/back pain
No age limit
No prior knowledge in yoga required

Offerings in this Program 

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Yoga for Back Strengthening  

(Meru Dhanda)

  • 20 weeks

Pre-recorded courses 2

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Personal Coaching

  • 1 hour  

₹ 800

Importance of this Program 

Back Care

  • Ignoring it would lead to problems with daily activities and disc related issues. If worsened can lead to radiating pain in the limbs.

  • It can also cause weight gain, which causes a host of other metabolic issues. 

  • Hence, it is extremely important to nip the back pain at the bud, which is what we will help you do in this program.

NOTE : If there are any spinal issues, please talk to us before signing up, so we can guide you appropriately.

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