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Yoga for Pregnancy

Pregnancy, a remarkable journey, is made smoother and more enjoyable through our yoga program. It carefully integrates Asana for physical strength, Pranayama for breath control, Dhyana (Meditation) for mental peace, and Relaxation techniques, all tailored to support you through the changes of pregnancy and post-delivery.

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2nd and 3rd trimesters
No age limit
No prior knowledge in yoga required

Offerings in this Program 

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Pregnancy Trimester 2


  • Weeks 16-24

Pre-recorded courses 

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Pregnancy Trimester 3


  •  Weeks 25-40

Pre-recorded courses 

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  • 1 hour

₹ 800

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Online Pregnancy Yoga (Group)

  • Mon, Wed, Fri

  • 45 mins

Pre-recorded courses 

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Online Pregnancy Yoga Workshop

  • 1  hour 

₹ 249

Importance of this Program 

Back Strengthening

  • Common issue: Back pain in 3 out of 5 women.

  • Causes: Calcium depletion, posture changes, weight gain, stress.

  • Solution: Yoga to strengthen back and alleviate pain.

Leg Strength and Flexibility

  • Common issue: Leg cramps.

  • Causes: Increased pressure due to weight gain.

  • Solution: Strengthen legs to handle extra weight.

General Strength and Conditioning

  • Goal: Strengthen joints and muscles.

  • Importance: Ensures overall well-being and enjoyment of pregnancy.

Weight Management

  • Risks: Gestational diabetes, future diabetes.

  • Importance: Healthy mother ensures a healthy baby.

  • Solution: Maintain optimal BMI for maternal and baby health.

Pelvic Area Flexibility

  • Common issue: Pelvic pain.

  • Causes: Increased downward pressure from pregnancy belly.

  • Importance: Enhances chances of normal labor.
    Solution: Improve pelvic flexibility.

Breathing & Relaxation

  • Common issue: Breathing difficulties in final trimester.

  • Causes: Increased tummy size.

  • Benefits: Increases lung capacity, crucial for fetal development.

  • Solution: Practice breathing exercises for relaxation.

NOTE : Please tell us about your medical history so that we can guide you appropriately.

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